Guitar Recording the Easy Way

If you want to record your guitar you will probably also want to eventually record microphones and other instruments as well.  You don’t want to spend too much money but you would like to sound professional.

If you have a laptop or desktop (PC or Mac) you can use a USB audio interface to get the signals from your guitar, microphone or keyboard into the computer.

While different companies do make some cheap guitar specific interfaces, I don’t recommend them.  They lack versatility and cost 3/4 of what a much better unit does.

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Below is a video that shows the Scarlett 2i4 in action.

Granted there are cheaper interfaces but we found a supplier that puts a healthy discount on this device.  Also we selected this particular audio interface because of several things.

  • Professional grade pre-amps that Focusrite is famous for.
  • Midi in/out (I use this all the time) lower cost units usually don’t have this.
  • A 10dB pad on the input to prevent overloading (This is huge with hot electric guitars)
  • It has a couple extra outputs (2in 4 out).
  • Easy visuals – Gain Halos around Volume controls. (Red is too loud, green is OK)
  • Rugged Metal Case helps shield from noise.
  • USB Buss powered. (convenient)
  • Direct monitor to prevent latency while recording
  • Comes with Ableton Live Lite 8 as well as Focusrite’s Scarlett plug-in suite.
  • Software works on Mac or PC

The video below shows the Scarlett Plugin Suite in action with an external control surface and the Scarlett 2i2.  I do not recommend the 2i2 because it is missing key features in the list above and only costs a tiny bit less.  Stick with the 2i4.  Trust us on this!

Now is your time to go get the equipment to make recording a snap.  It comes complete with hardware and software.  You supply the guitar and the talent.

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And EASY Guitar Recording Today!

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